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" Protecting our TruTh.

  We Live in the Music! "    


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"If we Offer it, it's in it's in a form that's true,

Through a channel made for you."




The Mink Media Franchise is a multimedia marketing firm that is connected in all parts of the music creation process and fully vested in the viability of music as an industry. At Mink Media, "The Mink", we think about the listener and the artist simultaneously to build mutual connections, interactions, and transactions between the two. We understand both because we are both. We are artist with great business acumen. We aim to be a home for independent artist, record labels, music producers, film producers, innovators, and anyone else meant to play a role in creating and consuming art in it's purest form, keeping it prosperous, and fortifying the means to do so. We know artist have stories and that there are people world wide who want to hear those stories in their truest, unaltered forms. In short...


"At the Mink we build channels to help artist produce their purest stories, find artist already producing those stories, and get those stories to their audience all around the world."

If are looking for artistic and creative original content that hasn't been mutated by the goals set by suited assembly line workers that use music to build corporate-grade syringes to bleed the industry dry at the artists' and listeners' expense to appease their stockholders, Then YOU are our PEOPLE.

At The Mink Multimedia Franchise we will be the go to media firm because we scrupulously search, discover, facilitate, and protect artist and creators along with their message, veracity, and integrity as we connect them with their consumer (their PEOPLE) in the purest form and with the best throughput possible.


"The Haven"

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